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Blood Alterations : A Six Part Series
Coagulation – Means & Methods – Transformation
Foreign Protein Analysis – Sources of Current – Implications & Consequences


Blood Alterations I : Coagulation

Blood coagulation phenomena appear to be evident in the human species….


Blood Alterations II : Means & Methods

A series of means and methods have been developed to examine the state of human blood samples…



Blood Alterations III : Transformation

The application of a low magnitude electrical current can or will transform a blood sample to the point that it is no longer recognizable…



Blood Alterations IV : Foreign Protein Analysis

This paper will describe the chemical nature of protein(s) that have been identified within the blood…



Blood Alterations V : Sources of Current

What are feasible sources of current that might be available to transform the blood?…



Blood Alterations VI : Implications & Consequences

I will introduce two phrases here at the onset, the first is that of a “kill switch”. This first is well known and the second phrase comes to mind as a slightly gentler option, and that is one of “selective decimation”…



Series Authored Aug – Oct, 2022
by Clifford E Carnicom
Carnicom Institute



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