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Carnicom Institute : Mirror Site Available


A mirror site for Carnicom Institute research is now available.  It is located at:

Carnicom Institute Mirror Site

Additional Note:

The longevity of the Carnicom Institute website remains uncertain.  It is recommended, as a minimum, that global users download and archive the primary research information of Carnicom Institute.  This exists in PDF format and is located at:


There should be no assumption made as to the future existence of the Carnicom Institute website.  My opinion and assessment is that foresight and preparation should be extended to the next century.  I have no confidence, for a variety of reasons, that the majority of the current population is aware of or comprehends the breadth of change that is in place.  The future existence of life as we know it is not guaranteed.  I would also be aware of the following statement that has been made within recent research papers:


“There is now a record of more than 400 research papers along with an estimated 5000 pages of laboratory notes that paints a completely consistent portrait of environmental and biological transformation of this planet. The record has been available for all to examine, repeat, refute or confirm. No formal process of those steps has taken place and we are left, together as a species, to frame our understanding of what has taken place and what shall take place in our future.

I am increasingly of a mindset that it will be left to future generations to determine if this retrospective will ever take place. It may or may not happen.”

Altered Blood VI : Implications and Consequences (Oct 2022)


Appreciation is extended to those parties that have, over history, created Carnicom Institute mirror web sites.  Currency of information is now in need on any CI mirror site. The development of additional CI mirror websites is eagerly encouraged and invited.   Any reports of archiving the CI Library information from the download portal linked above, along with the location of your country, are also very helpful. Correspondence to that effect can be directed to [].


Clifford E Carnicom
Feb 16, 2023

Born Clifford Bruce Stewart Jan 19 1953


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