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Two important original research laboratory notebooks have been added  to the Carnicom Institute library as of Jun 2022.

It is advised that the public download these two volumes, Volume 26 and Volume 27 and that they be distributed freely and widely, and that they be held in the public trust.  The volumes are in PDF format (handwritten notes), and consist of personal detailed laboratory findings that are of extreme significance to public health.

These two volumes  can be downloaded specifically from the following two locations:



If you can send an email notice to that this has been done, it will provide valuable feedback.
If you can specify the country where the information has been acquired, that will be equally helpful.


It is also advised for longer term interests that ALL Carnicom Institute laboratory notebooks be downloaded and preserved for the public interest and trust.

The full set of 27 volumes spanning the two decade plus history of Carnicom Institute research is available at this location:

Thank you,

Clifford E Carnicom
Jun 02 2022

Thanks for sharing!
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