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The following document can be regarded as fundamental and prerequisite information to the Carnicom Institute Disclosure Project (CIDP).  The document summarizes approximately two decades of work that precedes and is helpful to understand the context of the CIDP.  The document is in PDF format and 72 pages in length.

The document consists of the transcript of and supporting images for the the most recent public live presentation by Carnicom Institute (CI). The conference was titled “GeoEngineering & BioEngineering: The Unmistakable Link” and took place in April 2019 in Santa Fe, NM.  All prior research should be regarded as necessary and relevant to understanding the context of the CIDP, and the following document is regarded as the most succinct summary of the CI research that precedes the CIDP.

The document is available here and at the link given below:

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Clifford E Carnicom
Jun 20 2022



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