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This is a collection of original laboratory notebooks of extensive research by Carnicom Institute (CI).  The notebooks are handwritten and in PDF format (size 15-70MB).

Please visit the Carnicom Institute Library and download as desired.  It is highly encouraged that the notebooks be freely downloaded and distributed on a global basis.   The notebooks contained detailed information and evidence that forms the basis for much of the published work of CI.   Additional significant information that has never been published is also included within the notebooks.

There is good reason to believe that the general public is not aware of much of the work that has been conducted by Carnicom Institute, nor of its significance to current and future generations.  It may be of greatest benefit to begin the download process with the most recent volumes first, and then progress to earlier years. The notebooks are to be held in posterity for the public trust.

CI Laboratory Notebooks

Note: If you able to download any or all of the notebooks and can provide email notice of this accomplishment to, it is highly appreciated.  It is also very helpful if you can specify the country where the information has been acquired and resides.  Thank you.

Clifford E Carnicom
Aug 02 2022

Thanks for sharing!
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