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Translation services are now available on the Carnicom Institute website.  The drop down menu that includes the majority of languages is available at the top right corner of the page, as is shown below.  The translations will occur in real time online, and will maintain the set language across the various pages of the site.



A search box for the Carnicom Institute site only is also available as shown below.  Any papers on this site that contain your search term will be listed.

Additional search note: The reader is dissuaded from using Google and YouTube services to retrieve information on or about Carnicom Institute as censorship is extensive on those platforms and the results will be highly restrictive.  Alternatives such as DuckDuckGo and Bitchute may offer viable alternatives to a more balanced search retrieval.

Please preserve and distribute this information to any other distinct point on the globe.  Mirroring and copying of the entire web site is both requested and encouraged.  If you will send email to [] of any success with this goal, it will be highly appreciated.

If you can state the country where the information has been directed to or acquired, this is also very helpful.  Thank you.



Additional note for mobile users:

The CI website should present itself reasonably well on a phone or mobile device, especially if oriented in a landscape (long-axis) view vs a portrait view.  Please consider turning the mobile device sideways to determine if it will help with viewing.  You may also be able to reduce or enlarge the content on your screen with gesture swipes on the mobile device.  Another choice for a mobile device is to choose  “desktop view”  for the website if the device provides such an option.

Thanks for sharing!
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